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Needles and Pins Ah!

Not the 1960's Searchers song, but a really good collection of new and vintage record player styli and cartridges and some sound technical knowledge to go with them.

We offer Modern, Veteran, Vintage, Record Player, Jukebox, Phonograph, Music Centre, Radiogram, Mono, Stereo and DJ Turntable Parts, Belts, Headshells, Accessories, Cartridges and Styli.

We stock literally thousands of styli. If you cannot see what you are looking for please contact us and we will do our best to find the right item for you.


Proprietor: Anthony Hughes B.Tech (Hons)

A 60's teenager with a passion for fixing anything, technical, electronic and mechanical. Graduate Physicist from Brunel University in 1970's. Previously employed at National Physical Laboratory but a keen entrepreneur since my 20's. I've been involved in my own Hi Fi Manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing businesses and more recently ran a software development company. Interested in electronics from an early age. Willing to share experiences and expertise to anyone who needs it or will listen!


Software Division Ltd

Continuously trading since 1985, we are a UK based company. Our main location is Blackpool, Lancashire. The name Software Division comes from our origins as a software company. We've built a strong reputation on eBay as "softwaredivision", so it is too late to change the name now!

Company Registration number: 2225977 (England and Wales).  VAT number: GB 563872608